Concierge Maps created a unique, high added value product targeting the most affluent city visitors.

What we do

Concierge Maps creates personalised luxury city guides, produced and distributed free of charge. Each city guide beautifully showcases each hotel, its services and the surrounding area.

Developed alongside the concierge team, our city guides are a powerful tool that helps guests throughout their stay and ensures they enjoy only the very best each city has to offer; shopping, museums, events, history and more.

The guides have also proven to be a useful tool for sales and marketing managers to promote their internal services right from check-in and improve their income from residents.

The relationship that Concierge Maps has developed with its advertising partners reinforces the ties between luxury brands and local hotels; helping build a bond beneficial to all parties involved.

How we are different

Unlike the unwieldy and oversized foldout maps offered by our competitors, our guide comes in a discreet and useful format with an easy to fold map, all the useful numbers and details of the city’s major museums and main attractions. The cover has a premium soft touch varnish in keeping with its high production values.

We further differentiate ourselves from competitors by catering only for the top end of the hospitality market and in reaching this exclusive demographic we have been able to develop strong ties with luxury groups such as LVMH, Swatch Group and Richemont with many of the world’s most iconic brands.

We strongly believe that only luxury brands should feature in a luxury city guide.

Concierge Maps users are empowered, influential and affluent. They are an international audience who travel with high buying power.

Each hotel conducts a complete review of the guides before print, ensuring the content and the quality meets its high standards. We strive to deliver a guide that looks and feels like a quality, professional, in-house production.

By working alongside each hotel’s concierge team, we ensure our guides are as useful as possible for its users in each city.

Each hotel retains approval over the advertisements placed within the final guide and by excluding adverts for restaurants, bars and private car hire we can ensure that no services competing with the hotel or its concierge’s recommendations will feature.